Continuation of the project "Face to face with the local administration"


As a continuation of the project "Face to face with the local administration", on January 27, 2021. The Municipal Administration of Jezero opened its doors for ideas and initiatives of young people, and therefore in the continuation of the project it is important to inform young people about how to establish communication with the local administration and to address their proposals, fighting for a better position of young people in the local community. This is exactly one of the basic goals of the project, which the Trade Union Education Center is implementing in cooperation with the Jezero Municipality. Today, special emphasis is placed on the legal formal registration of the Youth Organization of the Municipality of Jezero, as one of the most important preconditions for activism and progress of young people in our local community, because young people in Jezero have been active for three years through the program of Youth Bank Jezero. Mayor Snežana Ružičić pointed out that youth activism will always have the support of the municipality of Jezero!