Delegation of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina visited Jezero Municipality


On November 05, 2020, Jezero Municipality was visited by the delegation of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Commander of the Engineering Battalion, Colonel Vladimir Latinović, and Sergeant Major, Veso Čergić, and the working meeting was held with the Mayor of Jezero Municipality, Snežana Ružočić, and representatives of Jezero Municipality. The aim of the meeting was summarize the realization of the Agreement on engagement of engineering resources of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the sanation of the riverbed of the River Jošavka in the area of Jezero Municipality. The Agreement was signed on December 03, 2019, by the Mayor of Jezero Municipality and the Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total value of the project is about 55.000,00 KM. of which about 32,000.00 KM of mechanization, working hours and engagement of the army are provided by the Ministry of Defense of BiH and the Armed Forces of BiH, and the rest of the costs are provided by the Municipality with the support of businessmen and Voda Srpske. The project involves deepening the Jošavka riverbed in the upstream part and clearing shrubs in the coastal part in the length of 3,200 meters.