The municipality of Jezero is located in the south-west part of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the Pliva lake (Plivsko jezero). Head office of the municipality is located in the populated place Jezero. It borders municipalities of Šipovo, Mrkonjić Grad and Jajce. Jezero has equal distance from each of the cities (around 11km from each).


Time zone: UTC +1 (CET), during summer UTC +2 (CEST)

Geo coordinates: 44.347077, 17.1318477


ZIP Code: 70206

Area code: 00 387 50


Surface area: 65,4 km2

Population (2013): 1.144


The territory is consisted of hills and mountains and basins. The altitude is between 432 and 1267 meters. Mountains in the municipality are Gorica and Sinjakovo, and rivers are Pliva and Jošavka with their tributaries.

The river Pliva joins Pliva lake which is natural water supply for hydroelectric power plant Jajce.