Since it is in the municipality of Jezero due to heavy rainfall, which was announced by the Hydro-Meteorological Institute of the Republic of Srpska in the period from May 12, 2019. years until 15.05.2019. year, there was a sharp rise in water levels and the flow of the rivers Pliva, Jošavka and Perućica. The Emergency Situations Headquarters of the Municipality of Jezero has been formed, which operates in the field together with members of the Police Station. We hereby inform the public as well as the locals that the Headquarters has resorted to the implementation of necessary activities and measures in order to protect and save the property and population of the municipality of Jezero.

 We note that the road to the settlement of Ljoljići is closed, both across the Blue Bridge and from the direction of the municipality of Jezero, and that crossing for motor vehicles and pedestrians is impossible, so crossing to the place of the same name is possible only by a bypass road through Čerkazovići. We invite the residents of Ljoljić to inform the Police Station or the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Jezero in case of urgency and possible need for transportation of sick people. The local road on November 21 was also closed. On the main road M5, the traffic takes place alternately in one lane, and the regional road R415 is closed for traffic, and the same takes place on the secondary local road on Cara Lazara Street.

We call on the residents of the settlement of Prisoje to be extra careful, due to the activated landslides from 2014.

            Classes at the "Vuk Karadzic" Elementary School will be suspended on May 15, 2019. years due to the general safety of students.

            Residents of the municipality of Jezero are warned that due to unstable weather conditions and large amounts of precipitation, the water level of rivers has increased and floods in the area of ​​most of the municipality of Jezero, and it is recommended that drinking water be boiled before use.

The headquarters for emergency situations of the municipality of Jezero monitors the situation on the ground with a high degree of attention and readiness, and if the conditions worsen, it will make a decision on declaring a state of emergency.

The water level of the Pliva River is constantly rising, more than 15 households and additional facilities are flooded, and we appeal to the population to closely monitor the new situation with increased caution and attention, and in case of emergencies (transport of patients, possible evacuation needs). etc.) contact the Police Station on the phone number 050 / 291-003 and the Civil Protection Service Jezero on the phone number 065 / 993-058.